District Schedule

Download the PDF Calendars for:

District Services Over the Next Week:

  • Sun Dec 17
    • Kamsack 9am (pro-populo)
    • Norquay 11am (for all Priests, Sisters, and our parishioners)
  • Tues Dec 19 Kamsack 7pm (repose of +Annie Chorney)
    • Advent Session 7:35 in St. Josaphat Hall
  • Wed Dec 20 Norquay 7pm (for Fr. Warren and family)
    • Advent Session 7:35 in Sacred Heart Hall
  • Thurs Dec 21 Benito 1:00pm Eaglestone Lodge Divine Liturgy (repose +Sr. Onysiam Anne Cherewyk SSMI)
  • Fri Dec 22 Kamsack 9am (for the deceased souls in pergatory)
  • Sat Dec 23 Wadena 11am Funeral Liturgy of +Paul Kralkay
  • Sun Dec 24
    • Kamsack 7:00pm (pro-populo)
    • Norquay 9:30pm (for the Musey Family and their health)