District Schedule

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District Services Over the Next Week:

  • Sun Oct 8
    • Vesna 9am (for Fr. Peter Pidskalny)
    • Norquay 11:15am (for health of Maryan Musey)
    • Wadena 5pm (+Sophia Pigula)
  • Mon Oct 9 – Benito – Funeral for Anna Tchir
  • Sat Ocr 14 – Norquay (for Diane Dedio)
  • Sun Oct 15
    • Kamsack 9am (pro-populo)
    • Norquay 11:15am (for health of Ben Musey) and Holinaty Baptism
    • Swan River (for Eugene Kotyk and Wintoniw Baptism
  • Tues Oct 17 Kamsack 7pm (+Stan Tysowski)
  • Wed Oct 18 Norquay 10am (for the health of Helen Luciak’s family)
  • Thurs Oct 19 Kamsack Eaglestone Lodge 1pm (+Carmella Lindsey)
  • Fri Oct 20 Kamsack 9am (for health of Colin Slivenski)
  • Sun Oct 21
    • Norquay 9am (+Bill, Peter, Edna Sernowski)
    • Kamsack 11:15am (pro-populo)
    • Benito 6pm (+Simpson and Coobs deceased family members)
  • Wed Oct 25 Norquay 10am (for +John and Pearl Martynuik family)
  • Thurs Oct 26 Kamsack Nursing Home (+Fr. Peter Pidskalny CSsR)
  • Friday Oct 27 Kamsack ***CANCELED***
  • Saturday Oct 28 Wadena 5pm (+Simpson and Coobs deceased family members)
  • Sunday Oct 29
    • Kamsack 9am (pro-populo)
    • Norquay 11:15am (+Simpson and Coobs deceased family members)
    • 2:30pm (SK) Baptisms in Benito (Homeniuk and Dick families)

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