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AUDIO Life of St. Mary of Egypt – narrated by Joyanne Rudiak

admin/ April 7, 2019/ Parish

  Click on the player below to enjoy a beautiful presentation of the Life of St. Mary of Egypt narrated by Joyanne Rudiak.  We celebrate St. Mary’s life and witness on the Fifth Sunday of Lent, this year March 18th and in the Menaion annually on April 1st.   In Cyril of Scythopolis’ life of St. Cyryacus, he tells of a woman named Mary found by Cyryacus

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We have a YouTube Channel! Like, Subscribe and Share!

admin/ March 17, 2019/ Parish

Our Pastor and District Administrator, Rev. Warren Dungen has created a YouTube Channel for the District to share our wonderfully produced Life of St. Mary of Egypt production, featuring Joyanne Rudiak, and any future evangelistic productions of the District! Thank you Father Warren, Mnohaya lita!

Notice of Yorkton Deanery Stewardship Meeting: March 9, 2019

admin/ March 7, 2019/ Parish

Ref. # BB-190212-01 (Kindly reference the above number if you reply to this letter) February 12 , 2019 Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever! Dear Clergy, Religious and Faithful, In November of 2017 our Eparchy began a stewardship process aimed at answering the question of how Sacraments and Catechesis will be provided in our Eparchy in the future. Stage 1

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CCCB Statement on Legalization of Cannabis

admin/ October 17, 2018/ Parish

Today recreational cannabis becomes legal in Canada. From Official CCCB website: On 19 June 2018, the Senate passed Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act. On 21 June 2018, the Bill received Royal Assent, thereby legalizing marijuana for recreational use in Canada. Bill C-45, however, which also regulates how cannabis will be grown, distributed and sold in Canada, does not come into force

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2018 Synod on Youth

admin/ October 12, 2018/ Parish

  Follow the links below to find the English website of the 2018 Youth Synod.  Patriarch Sviatoslav Shevchuk has been selected by Pope Francis to be one of the Synod Fathers who will compile the final document. Youth Synod Website News about Patriarch Sviatoslav at the Youth Synod

CCCB publishes new Sexual Abuse and Misconduct Policy

admin/ October 10, 2018/ Parish

Following the September 2018 Plenary Assembly meeting of Catholic Bishops, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has released a revised edition of its Sexual Abuse and Misconduct policy to be implemented across Canada. Find the official news release here.  Find the full text for download here.

10th Anniversary of Bishop Bryan’s Ordination as Bishop

admin/ May 15, 2018/ Parish

Bishop Bryan is celebrating 10 years as a Bishop this year and celebration will take place on June 23, 2018. For more information about the events scheduled and how you can acquire tickets to the banquet follow this link: Bishop Bryan Anniversary.